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Floor Lamps | Vintage Studio Spotlight Lamps | Nautical Search lights by Erakart :


Wide Range of rare , unconventional floor lamps, nautical spotlights & antique searchlights online shop EraKart!

Looking for a floor lamp ? you are at the right store, We at erakart understand wha...

  • Spotlight Floor Lamps
    Spotlight Floor Lamps

    Spotlight Floor Lamps

    The latest designer lighting & interior fashion lights are the Spotlight Floor Lamps, These conteporary floor lamps are one of the high demand lighting solutions in modern interior architect , inspired by the age old spotlights these floor lamps are fitted on large & small tripods made of metal or wood. The shape & design of most spotlight floor lamp is hand crafted , the curves & edges made by artists make them unique.

    Erakart offers some of the finest spotlight floor lamps in conteporary & modern designs that will outshine in every interior. These large spotlight floor lamps add a unique taste to the lighting of any living room or office. With its unique ability to offer a samme light in various shades of metal finishes , Erakart is the top seller of spotlight floor lamps not only in retail but in wholesale as well. A large number of international retailers procure there designs from us. This is the reason that the erakart offers the best price for spotlight floor lamps. If you do not find a design in our display list, you can send us immages of the design that you like and we can create exclusively for you as per your imagination of spotlight floor lamp. That's not all if you wish to customize the finish of any of our existing design of spotlight floor lamp , its simple and easy, We offer almost all kind of metal finish, most of the spotlight floor lamps are crafted in steel, aluminum, brass or copper but the choice of surface finish for these spotlight floor lamps at erakart is endless, starting from the natural mmetal polished finish to antique brown, antique black, patina, silver satin, gold pleating , chrome , copper antique everything can be done,

    So if you plan to buy a spotlight floor lamp then a look at our products is kind of mandatory. Imagine a gold pleated spotlight floor lamp, & if you do not wish to invest more then a spotlight floor lamp in brass poilished finish will also shine like gold in your interiors. We offer express delivery of spotlight floor lamps to USA, UK, Australia, Europe & all major destinations across the globe.

  • Nautical Searchlight
    Nautical Searchlight

    Nautical Searchlight Floor Lamps by EraKart:

    Inspired by the nautical era of ship navigations we bring to you a wide range of floor lamps and desk lamp shades in Nautical spotlight & searchlight theme. Every nautical spotlight floor lamp design is unique, Every nautical searchlight floor lamp is different, from Antique finish steel searchlights floor lamps to Chrome finished nautical spotlight floor lamps & some rare studio spotlights ceiling lamps that are not very common, A unique taste of fashion & classy blend of interior lighting defining elegance, choose to accomodate these hand carfted masterpiece floor lamps by EraKart.

    EraKart offers high quality replica of antique nautical searchlights, maritime oceanic sea ship spotlights & unique ship lamps, If you are looking for a retro piece of light then this is where you can realize your imagination

  • Antique Spotlight
    Antique Spotlight

    Antique spotlight Floor lamps & Focus lights by Erakart :

    Erakart offers a variety of antique studio & theatre spotlights also known as photographers focus lights & studio lights.Retro home & office light decor is popular these days, with more & more interior designers focusing on lights, Antique spotlight floor lamps & Studio focus lights ceiling lamps are gaining popularity. Erakart offers a huge range of Antique studio spotlight inspired floor lamps & ceiling lights that will redefine your interior lighting. With a huge collection of nautical spotlight floor lamps that are inspired by the ship lights, our antique spotlights are in huge demand for Fantasy lighting & steampunk decor lighting. We at EraKart offer 100% customization of size & designs of all our antique spotlight floor lamps, Most of the Floor lamps are accompanied with a large tripod wooden or metal stand.

    Shop online from a huge range of contemporary lights & lamps available in various sizes, shapes and finishes at EraKart

  • Vintage Lamp Shades
    Vintage Lamp Shades

    Vintage Lamp shades & antique table lamps by Erakart:

    EraKart offers a huge collection of vintage lamp shades & antique table lamps. Some of our designs are high quality replica of genuine antique lamps used in history, lamp shades & table lamps are unique with a modern touch of retro & steampunk fantasy fashion some inspired by the Goths & Gothic Laights, Browse for some reproductions of famous antique lampshades, lights , spotlights & search lights.

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