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History of Pickelhaube - German Military Helmets by EraKart

The Pickelhaube helmets also known as pickelhelm are spiked helmets worn by German Military , Police and firefighters in 19th & 20th century, After Prussian army these helmets were used by other armies, Origi...

  • German Leather Helmets
    German Leather Helmets

    German Leather helmets - Pickelhaube helme replica by EraKart

    Before 1914 all helmets used by German Infantary were Leather pickehaube helmets. Conventional German leather Pickelhaube helmets were made by hardening leather after boiling it, Most of the leather pickehaube were polished shiny black. Officers had gold / silver pleated Brass Wappen Badge & a metal conic spike, Initially long conic pikes were used with pickehaube but later the size were reduced to make it more wearably comfortable, German Artillary units used ball shaped round crown spike.

    The front ornamental badge also known as pickehaube wappen or pickehaube frontplate denoted the province or state of the regiment. Most famous is the Prussia FR large wing EAGLE badge. Bavaria, Württemberg, Baden, Garde are some of the known pickelhaube wappen plates used by regiments. Russians also used similar pickehaube helmets with double headed eagle.

    The German pickehaube helmets also used unique round metal plates known as cockades behind the chinstrap, The cockades were colored denoting the Nation & Province, The right cockade also known as the nation cockade had red black & white colors, while the left cockade way specific to the provine / regiment using the pickehaube.

    Pickelhaube is still an integral part of Germany and many other nations and widely in use for ceremonies & parades. EraKart offers an opportunity to own a high quality pickehaube replica, As everyone cannot afford a genuine antique pickehaube, We at EraKart offer some high quality hand made german leather helmets.

  • German Metal Helmets
    German Metal Helmets

    German Metal helmets - Metal Pickehauben helme replica by Erakart

    Till 1914 all German pickehaube helmets were made from leather, but due to shortage of leather supply alternate materials were adopted by Germany. In early 1916 the Leather helmets were slowly replcaced by metal helmets, Stahlhelm, made from german steel. These metal German helmets offered better protection

    Cuirassiers used metal version of Pickehaube, Top ranked german military officers & politicians also used these ornamental metal pickelhaube helmets, One of the famous Metal pickehaube melmet is featured in portrait of Otto von Bismarck, With a long neck guard these helmets were often reffered as lobster tail helmets, Most of the metal pickehaube helmets are derived from an amalgamation of 16th century cavalary helmets & the conventional leather pickehaube.

    Prussians Gardes du Corps used a metal pickelhaube made from Tombac which is a alloy of zinc & copper, other cuirassiers used steel helmet with brass wappen plate & spike.,

    Erakart offers a wide range of metal german helmets , metal pickehaube & Metal WWII infantory helmets. On Sale are some high quality replica of German Metal Helmets - Pickelhaube M16, M32 etc..from the German battalions in WWI & WWII, Prussia, Garde, Bavaria, Infantary, Artillary , buy them all at erakart.

  • Pickelhaube Accessories
    Pickelhaube Accessories

    Pickelhaube German Helmet Accessories , Wappen Plates, Front Badge , Cockade , Spike , Chin scale and chain straps, EraKart got it all.

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