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Chainmail Armor 

Chainmail Armor | Chainmail Dress | Chainmail Bikini by EraKart

EraKart brings to you an Elite range of Antique, Riveted & Butted Chainmail for men, women, girls, boys, kids & ladies, We offer a vast variety of Chainmail Products like Coif, Head gear, Chainmail Helmet, Chainmail Jacket, Chainmail Armour, Chainmail Gloves, Chainmail Dress, women...

  • Chainmail Hauberks
    Chainmail Hauberks

    Chaunmail Hauberks | chainmail shirts | Chainmail Jackets

    Chainmail has been the most common form of armor protection since ages, The protection, flexibility & ventillation offered by a chainmail is brilliant, This is the reason that chainmail armour hauberks , shirts and jackets have been part of historical battles & modern reenactments, LARP & SCA.

  • Chainmail Coif
    Chainmail Coif

    Chainmail Coif :-

    Importance of a chainmail coif can only be known by a warrior, One of the best conventional form of head , Neck & shoulder protection, Chainmail coifs are imperative part of a warrior protection. A knight very well understands the imporatnce of head, neck & shoulder protection, Erakart medieval armoury offers a variety of chainmail coifs in various weaves & ring combinations, You have the option to choose your own chainmail coif material from, steel chainmail coif, iron chainmail coif, brass chainmail coif or aluminium chainmail coif. We offer our customers an opportunity to customize the size & design of their chainmail coif. Erakart medieval armour chainmail coif reproductions offer modern fashion designs for fashion shows, theme party, fantasy costume, Prom & ancient replica perfect for any LARP, role play, reenactment or SCA.

  • Chainmail Gauntlets
    Chainmail Gauntlets

    Chainmail Gauntlets by Erakart medieval armoury are perfect for a warrior hand protection during a combat on battle ground, Chainmail gauntlets also known as chainmail gloves offer excellent protection and wonderful grip to the sword. Unlike a plate metal armour gauntlets, chainmail gauntlets offer better grip & flexibility but not that much of protection, During a battle hand protection is crucial and by using a chainmail gauntlet can help you achieve victory.

  • Chainmail Chausses and Voiders
    Chainmail Chausses and...

    Chainmail Chausses & chainmail Voiders by Erakart are perfect for protecting a warrior arms & legs, Also known as chainmaile sleeves & chainmail leggings we at EraKart offer a range of chainmail armour protections for legs & arms, If you just wish to wear a chainmail voider as a part of steampunk clothing we have lightweight aluminium chainmail voiders & chausses. We also offer custom size & design service  for chainmail chausses & chainmail voiders.

  • Chainmail Bikini & Dress
    Chainmail Bikini & Dress

    Leading chainmail dress designer Erakart offers widest range of chainmail bikini & chain mail dress at best price. At Erakart you can order your choice of design of chainmail dress in your size the custom chainmail dress designing feature available exclusively at erakart make it the best online shop for ordering any chainmail costume or accessory.

    How does the custom chainmail designing works and what can be customized in a chainmail ?

    To start with we offer chainmail in aluminium, brass and mild steel so the first thing you need to choose is wether you wish to get a chainmail dress in aluminium rings, brass rings or mild steel / iron rings. Remember the Iron/ mild steel rings chainmail dress is heavy and is mostly used for armour costumes. For dresses and bikinis the aluminium chainmail is preferred if its a solid color chainmail dress or a chainmail bikini. However if you wish to go for a metallic finish chainmail then brass ring chainmail dress is best as brass can hold to antique finish, chrome finish & Gold finish. 

    Once you have decided the metal its important to decide the ring size, Normally the chainmail rings are available in 6 mm 8 mm, & 10 mm diameters, The smaller ring size you use the heavier & thicker the chainmail gets, The 8mm ring size is good for normal chainmail dress. As a chainmail dress designer & seller of various designs of chainmail bikini we can tell you that aluminium & brass chainmail in 8mm rings is the best selling size & metal.

    At last you can decide the chainmail dress pattern & style. This is purely your imagination and we will create it exclusively for you. What things can we design in a chainmail Well we can design

    • A chainmail bikini
    • A chainmail belt
    • A chainmail Tie
    • A Chainmail bracelet
    • A chainmail coif or a chainmail HAT
    • A chainmail shirt
    • A chainmail Top
    • A chainmail Gown
    • A chainmail jwellery 

    All in all we are totally equipped to create any design in chainmail, We have listed many chainmail dresses and bikinis on our store but many are not added due to clients request of exclusivity. If you send us your pictures of weraing one of our chainmail dress we give you exciting free gift or a cash back.

    Order chainmail dress & chainmail bikini at the top online store of chainmail

    Chainmail bikini & fashion dresses by Erakart is a collection of modern day chainmail fashion costumes inspired by ancient warriors. Perfect for steampunk clothing, fantasy costumes, party dress, Beach costume , our chainmail dress & chainmail bikini are normally offered in lightweight aluminium chainmail & brass chainmail. You can order a brass chainmail bikini, an aluminium chainmail bikini or a combination metal chainmail bikini. Chainmail costumes & fashion party chainmail designer dresses at EraKart are offered in custom size & design as per clients choice.

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