Why erakart is best spotlight floor lamp online store?

Why erakart is best spotlight floor lamp online store?

Leading online store for spotlight floor lamps and searchlight floor lamps EraKart is the top seller of floor lamps across the globe. But what makes us the best nautical floor lamp store? Read on to know how we reached top of the slot.

The spotlight floor lamp market is competative. We believe Quality, Price & Design plays a crucial role in our success as a retail store. Each of our spotlight floor lamp is designed as per high quality standards and goes through multiple quality checks. The raw material used is of premium first quality only and the tripod stands are of high standards as well. Each floor lamp is checked multiple times for defects. The electric fittings supplied along with the floor lamps are as per the country specifications and the lamp is easy to assemble. Most of our spotlight floor lamps are DIY (do it yourself) installation and no experts are required for installation.

The surface finish of the lamps can be customized as per customer requirements. Only erakart offers are custom finish floor lamps where you can choose to get your choice of surface finish to match your existing interiors of home & office. 

Height & size of the floor lamps is also a crucial aspect while deciding the design, Most of the designs of floor lamp at erakart have adjustable heights and so the spotlight floor lamp can fit in multiple locations.

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  • Lamps & Shades

    Lamps & Shades 2016-09-21 Reply

    Your store have only few designs of floor lamps, I expected that you would have 100s of spotlight floor lamps & lamp shades...
    I need these in wholesale for resale.
    Do you offer these floor lamps in bulk quantity ??

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