How to use oil burning brass Lanterns & Lamp for decoration?

Brass antique oil burning lanterns & lamps are perfect for contemporary & heritage lighting for both interiors & exteriors of home, garden & offices. Mostly inspired by the historical miner lamps & nautical ship lanterns these lights are available mostly in brass with an option of T light or a oil burning system with a chimney. The chimney is available in multiple bright colors like green, re, yello, orange etc.

Hanging these in the garden pathway with electric bulb fitting is a good option for festive decoration & lighting the exterior. These can also be used inside the home or office with a oil burning or T Light option.

A perfect gift for your loved ones in festive season, whats more symbolic then gifting a symbol of light & prosperity to you loved ones.

At Erakart you can order these brass lanterns & lamps with a T light, oil burning or an electric led bulb options, Its easy to install and you can easily do it yourself by unscrewing it from the bottom, Just take care of the chimney though.

You can also order in wholesale & multiple quantity in your choice of size & surface finish.

For any queries do write to us.

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  • Cristina

    Cristina 2016-09-22 Reply

    Beautiful brass lanterns indeed. I love the colors , how can i order a set of 12 all in different color chimney with a led bulb fitting. How long will you take to deliver these lanterns to NY, US.

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